Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Volunteers Meet for National Convention 2014

There is a last volunteers meet on Thursday for the convention. We need dedicated volunteers who will be able to work for atleast one week. Please be there at 4pm at R.Singhi hall.

Selected Paper writers for National Convention

Dear friends,
We congratulate the following students for getting selected as paper writers in the convention :

Technical Session1-
1) Mr Abhay Tulsian
2) Mr Sree Harsha B V
3) Mr Navin Begwani
4) Mr Abhay Surana
5) Mr Abhishek Anil Yelne
6) Mr Sourabh Bansal

Technical Session2-
1) Mr Atul Khurana
2) Mr Rohit Surana
3) Ms Deepika G
4) Ms Priya Sugandh
5) Ms Puja Dinesh Gupta
6) Ms Arundhuti Basu

Technical Session3-
1) Ms Bhavyasree B
2) Mr Jinendra Gupta
3) Mr Milind Joshi
4) Ms Aabha Mehta
5) Mr P Lakshminarasimhan
6) Ms Akshaya Rangarajan

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Panel Discussion in SNC 2014

Dear friends,

There wil be a panel discussion on "Pros &Cons of Articheship Training " with CA C S Nanda as the moderator in the National Convention wherein the students undergoing articleship will be given the opportunity to be a panelist . If you wish to be one, please send in your contact details at erobos@icai.in marking a copy to eicasa.kolkata@icai.in .
A screening round can be called at the R.Singhi hall , ICAI bhawan before 26th July.
The last date to send in your details is 5th July 2014.

For further queries,contact :
Mr. Amaan Alam : 9836030110
Ms.Shivangi Sultania : 8013675288

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Quiz Contest For CA Students

Dear Friends,

    The Quiz Contest for C.A. Students ( eligibility as per Elocution Competition ) will be held on Friday, 18th       July 2014 at 1.30 PM at the R.Singhi      Hall.
    The Details are given below:

                1. There will be Eight rounds of Quiz covering the following areas :

                     Corporate Laws
                     Taxation – Direct and Indirect
                     Costing/Management Accounting/Financial Management
                     Information Technology
                     General Awareness
    1. Medium of Quiz would be English.  However, if any participant wants to speak in Hindi, the same will be allowed.
    1. There can be a maximum of 5 teams each team consisting of two students who have to jointly apply at BOS Section for listing. If there are more participants, the 5 teams have to be selected by a process of elimination.
    1. Three questions will be asked in each round to each team.  The students will be given 60 seconds for answering by turns. 
    1. In each round, the questions will be addressed by turns to each group.  For example, Q.No.1 will be addressed to Team A.  If Team A answers the question correctly, then Q.No.2 will be addressed to Team B.  If Team A does not answer Q. No. 1 correctly, the question will pass on to Team B.  A question will pass once and there will be no subsequent passing.    As usual, the Q. No. 2 will be addressed to Team B, the Q. No.3 will be addressed to Team C and so on.
    1. At the end, there shall be a Rapid Fire Round in which five questions will be addressed to each team.  Each team will be given one minute to answer all the five questions instantaneously.  Students may choose not to answer a question.  There will be no passing in Rapid Fire Round.
    1. Each question shall carry 5 points credit.  2 points credit shall be awarded for questions which have been passed.
    1. Appropriate Computer Software may be used to manage quiz, record time and performance of each team.  Manual systems may also be used wherein the Quiz Master may use stop clock for the purpose of recording time.
    1. Each Branch and the Regional Head-quarter shall select the best team to participate in the Regional Level Contest to be held at EIRC, Kolkata in August / September, 2014.
    2. The Quiz Contest will be conducted by a Quiz Master. 
    3. Prizes and Certificates are awarded to the winners of the Regional Level and the Final Level Quiz Contest.
    4. Teams willing to participate must applying writing by 7th July, 2014 with EIRC office. There can be screening round before 18th July,2013.

                  For Further Queries, Contact : 
                  Mr.Amaan Alam - +91 - 9836030110
                  Ms.Shivangi Sultania - +91 - 8013675288

Elocution Contest for CA Students

Dear Students,

The Elocution Contest for the C.A. Students will be held on Friday,18th July 2014 at 11 AM at R.Singhi Hall, 1st Floor,ICAI Bhawan, Kolkata .

Topics for the Elocution are - 

  • Role of Practical Training in Developing Competent Professionals
  • Rotation of Auditors under the Companies Act,2013
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting Obligations Under the Companies Act,2013
  • Implementation of Ind AS: Final Step Towards Convergence
  • Input Service under CENVAT Credit Rules, 2004 : Issues and probable solutions

     Eligibility - IPCC and Finals Students(Undergoing articleship)
   The contestants may be permitted to express their views for a maximum period of 8        minutes depending on the number of participants on any of the selected topics.  
   The medium of competition will be English.  However, if any participant wants to speak       in Hindi, the option will be available. 

   Students willing to participate should contact EIRC office on or before 7th July, 2014 and    to apply in writing. There may be screening round to be conducted before 18th July            2014.

   The Panel of Judges will be selected from amongst eminent personalities. 
    For Further Queries, Please Contact : 
    Mr.Amaan Alam- +91-9836030110
    Miss. Shivangi Sultania - +91 -8013675288